Need a writer?

I am Amber Beard. I live on the Isle of Wight and am available for writing assignments: copy writing, website copy, features, guest blogs, in fact anything that you might need some words for.

My writing stems from a lifelong love of words, from the encouragement of my dad who always nagged me to write and being a bookworm from an early age. The feel of a brand-new magazine or unread book still gives me a shiver of excitement and the immediacy of social media and blogs are integral to modern life.

I am also delighted to collaborate with photographers for bespoke projects.

As well as curating my own online magazine The Magpie Anthology, I also write web copy for design companies, advertorials, sales literature, blogs and advertising as well as running Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for third parties. If you have documents that need proofreading, I can give you a quote. I also have a large body of work from three years as Deputy Editor and writer for Style of Wight magazine.

You can view examples of my work on my Portfolio Page.

And how much will it cost? Have a look here.

If you are interested in my writing something for you then please contact me :