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The Little Black Book – an innovative Isle of Wight publication

I was approached by Spence Willard to discuss a new project that they were interested in getting off the ground – a new directory-type publication for people who had recently moved to the Island and who would need goods and services. Having worked with them for some years on their annual customer-focused magazine, it seemed that was a good gap in the market on the Isle of Wight for this sort of book. And so, the Little Black Book was born.

How did I help?

Having brainstormed the initial idea, Emma, Marketing Director of Spence Willard came up with an outline plan of how she felt the book would look and most importantly, the price that advertising would be pitched at, which would ultimately fund the project.

What began as a relatively modest idea really captured the imagination of Island businesses and we found ourselves with a far bigger publication than we had originally envisioned – and which came in at a whopping 164 pages when it was published in January 2022.

I interviewed and wrote up all the personal business editorials, which was no mean feat as we were still under some lockdown rules and so most interviews were done over the phone or via Zoom. But we were more than rewarded with positive feedback, not just from those in the book, but also from people who picked it up in one of the many outlets it was distributed to. 

In fact, it was so successful that we revisited the book for 2023 at 176 pages…

And we may even do another for January 2024…

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