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Nettlecombe Farm – an oasis of peace and calm, with added animals.

Nettlecombe Farm has not only several holiday-let cottages but is a fully working farm with a menagerie of animals. These include everything from the more familiar farm animal like sheep, ponies, and goats but also Edna the Emu, a pair of Christmas reindeer, rabbits, geese, and quite a lot in between. Their website copy and blogs needed refreshing and during covid when the business was quiet it seemed like a great time to get that underway.

How did I help?

Working for Liz at Nettlecombe has become something of a habit now, having begun by writing a single blog (I think she was scoping me out!), and is always a pleasure.

To date, I have written everything from the original and following blogs, updated all the web copy, produced covid rules and regulations, and accessibility statements whilst also penning awards entries. The Farm is unique in that it constantly strives to look and do better than the previous year and has gone out of its way to make a holiday at Nettlecombe a pleasurable experience. I love to hear what’s been going on to add to the newsletters and this makes my job as a writer easy as the exploits of the animals always make for good copy.

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